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I am looking to commission someone for an illustration that will end up on a t-shirt as a Christmas Gift.

Context: My girlfriend is Japanese, and when we're together, we speak that predominantly, but I am not completely fluent, and occasionally make humorous mistakes. We were discussing traveling together once I have moved to Japan, and I mentioned wanting to see Hakodate, a city in Hokkaido known for excellent seafood and lovely views. However, I had misspoken and called the city "Hatodake," which could be taken to mean "only pigeons." She laughed uproariously at the mistake, and has indicated that it was her favorite of my follies during her visit this summer. Hence this idea.

The design: I want an illustrator with a fairly flat, minimalist, cartoony style to draw a simplified version of Hakodate--seen here during the day and at night--but standing on top of various buildings would be perched giant pigeons. The kanji for Hakodate would be present somewhere in this design, but crossed out, with 'Hatodake' in kanji/kana next to it.

Please consult the images and/or do your own looking into what Hakodate looks like if you are interested in accepting this commission.


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